Levithan Spirit 7: Radiant Power

Levithan Spirit is referenced several times in the Bible, often symbolizing forces of chaos, rebellion, and spiritual oppression. Understanding this spirit and overcoming its influence is an important part of spiritual warfare and deliverance.

What Is a Leviathan Spirit and How Can You Identify It?

A Leviathan spirit is described in the Bible as a large aquatic creature or sea monster that twists, coils, and writhes. Though it is not always clear whether Levithan was intended to represent an actual physical creature, the Leviathan spirit has come to symbolize demonic spirits and oppressive spiritual forces.

Common characteristics and manifestations of a Leviathan spirit include:

  • Chaos, confusion, and lack of spiritual direction or purpose
  • Chronic failure, unrest, and inability to move forward in life
  • Pride, self-protection, denial, and refusal to take responsibility
  • Rejection of rules, authority, and spiritual leadership or accountability
  • Rebellion, lawlessness, distrust of leadership, and independent spirit
  • Religious criticism, skepticism, fault finding, and accusation
  • Intellectual arguments or headiness getting in the way of spiritual growth
  • Difficulty receiving and responding to constructive criticism

Some associated emotional and relational symptoms can include anger, bitterness, loneliness, withdrawal, and depression.

Table 1 show some common symptoms associated with a Leviathan spirit:

ChaosConfusion, lack of direction, chronic unrest
PrideSelf-protection, denial, refusing responsibility
RebellionRejection of authority, independent spirit
IntellectualismReligious skepticism, arguments over growth

Identifying a Leviathan spirit often requires spiritual discernment through prayer. Common strongholds may point to a Leviathan influence, but there can also be crossover with related spirits like Jezebel.

What Is a Leviathan Spirit in the Bible?

The Leviathan spirit is first directly referenced in the Old Testament book of Job. Job 41 provides a detailed description of Leviathan as a frighteningly powerful aquatic creature that no man can tame.

Some key Bible verses about Leviathan include:

  • Job 41:1-34: Detailed description of the power and might of Leviathan, concluding that it is a creature only God can tame.
  • Psalm 74:14: God breaking the heads of Leviathan in waters and giving him as food to the creatures of the wilderness.
  • Psalm 104:26: Reference to Leviathan as a sea creature playing in the ocean depths under God’s sovereignty
  • Isaiah 27:1: God will punish and destroy Leviathan, depicted as a twisting serpent.

Later in the Old Testament and into the New Testament, the term Leviathan takes on more symbolic meanings associated with evil. The creatures depict worldly forces in opposition to God and his people.

Leviathan Represents Spiritual Strongholds

Most biblical references associate Leviathan with pride, chaos, massive strength, and evil that can only be overcome by the power of God. It most directly symbolizes powerful demonic spirits and strongholds that aim to rule people’s lives and turn them away from God’s truths.

What Are the Characteristics of a Leviathan Spirit?

A Leviathan spirit exhibits traits of powerful demonic forces that create chaos and rebellion. Common characteristics include:

Twisting, Coiling

A key characteristic emphasized across biblical references is Leviathan’s ability to twist, coil, and writhe like a serpent. This speaks to spirits that aim to sneak into people’s lives and twist truths, values, thoughts, relationships, and priorities away from God’s best. The influence is intrusive and oppressive.

Strong, Proud, Chaotic

Leviathan’s description as a powerful sea creature point to the sheer strength and intense energy associated with this demonic influence. It overtakes a person or group’s sense of spiritual order and direction, feeding pride and rebellion. This replaces order with unrest, lack of self-control, distrust of authority, and religious independence outside spiritual covering.

Resists Deliverance

Leviathan in Job 41 is portrayed as impossible for any man to tame. This points to resistance to deliverance, arguments, excuses, and intellectualism keeping people bound. Without humility and corrected thinking, the spirit keeps individuals locked in pride and deception. Powerful spiritual warfare working under God’s authority is required.

Why Are There Different Types of Evil Spirits?

Demonic forces organize and operate similarly to God’s angelic beings. There are differing rankings, roles, authorities, and assignments:

Ranks and Dominions

Just as there are archangels above angels with different spheres of influence in God’s kingdom, so are there differing ranks of demons:

  • Principalities: Ruler demons over groups of people or geographies
  • Strongmen: Assigned to individuals / families to enforce bondage
  • Lower-ranking spirits: Afflict specific areas like pride, doubt, infirmity, lust, etc.

Territories and Strongholds

Demons are also referred to as territorial spirits as they aim to rule over people groups, cities, regions, or social groups. Collectively across a territory they create strongholds where sinful patterns and generational bondage reinforce their power and influence.

Unique Areas of Influence

Specific spirits like Leviathan operate similar to specialists. Leviathan brings unique strongholds around pride, deception, independence from God and opens the door for further demonic infiltration in people’s lives.

How Does a Person Overcome a Leviathan Spirit?

With God’s help, believers have power to break free from all demonic influence, including Leviathan. Key steps include:

Recognize Symptoms

The first step is identifying characteristic fruits of the spirit including chaos, constant confusion, religious accusation, arguments stopping spiritual growth and ongoing rebellion towards authority.

Repent Before God

One must recognize the influence, turn away from associated sins, receive God’s forgiveness and intentionally submit their life fully to the Lord. Maintaining humility and teachability shuts demonic access.

Renounce and Break Agreements

Any activities, rituals or agreements that gave enemy inroads and legal rights must be renounced. Generational patterns under Leviathan’s stronghold should be specifically addressed and broken through declarations.

Resist and Rebuke in Jesus’ Name

Directly address Leviathan and all associated spirits out loud in prayer. Take authority in Jesus’ name quoting scripture and declaring freedom from oppression. Ask God’s angels to remove all lingering presence.

Replace with Godly Order

As demonic oppression lifts, one maintains freedom by actively pursuing God’s direction through his Word, prayer, biblical community and alignment under spiritual authority. Maintain vigilance while saturating life with God’s principles, praise and worship.


The Leviathan spirit represents very real and intense forces of spiritual chaos and destruction that the Bible warns believers about. Through manipulating pride and independence from God, Leviathan aims to oppress people and revert their destiny.

Yet the Bible provides hope and instructions that with intentionality, humility, and God’s power, Christians can walk in freedom and order. Maintaining an uncompromising alliance to God blocks this spirit and allows for sustainable victory through Christ.

FAQs About the Leviathan Spirit

What is the meaning of the Leviathan spirit?

The Leviathan spirit represents very powerful demonic influences of chaos, pride, rebellion and evil that aim to oppress people and create separation in their relationship with God. Leviathan twists God’s truths and strangles spiritual growth through confusion, deception and accusation.

What is the personality of the Leviathan?

The Leviathan spirit exhibits traits like pride, refusal to repent, religious independence, constant friction and arguments stopping spiritual progress. There is a strong pull towards chaos rather than order and humility.

What does God say about Leviathan?

God directly addresses Leviathan in the books of Job and Isaiah declaring that this influential spirit operates in open defiance against Him and his people. Yet God also promises that Leviathan will ultimately be punished and overcome by the power of the Lord.

What is the human form of the Leviathan?

There is no literal “human form” of a spirit. But people heavily influenced by Leviathan often exhibit religious accusation, chronic debate interfering with spiritual growth and submission issues towards authority. Pride causes them to operate independently without accountability.

Is the Leviathan good or bad?

Leviathan is depicted across biblical references as an extremely dangerous and evil influence at odds with God’s spiritual order and direction. It brings chaos, oppression and bondage stopping people from their divine destiny unless forcefully overcome.

What powers does a Leviathan have?

The Leviathan spirit exhibits great strength and influence to oppress people, bring chaos, twist truths and incite rebellion against God’s order. Some of its powers include:

  • Deception and lies
  • Religious accusation and confusion
  • Pride and independence from accountability
  • Chronic unrest and lack of spiritual direction
  • Refusal to repent and receive correction
  • Intellectual arguments stopping spiritual growth

It entangles people’s lives to derail their destiny and leave them continually struggling.

Who killed Leviathan?

The Bible explains that ultimately only the power and sovereignty of God is able to overcome and destroy the twisting, coiling threats of the Leviathan spirit and related demonic oppression. Through spiritual warfare and declaring victory in Jesus’ name, believers can walk in freedom.

What are the signs of the levithan spirit?

Some symptoms of Leviathan’s influence include chaos, confusion, religious accusation, excessive skepticism towards spiritual authority and constant arguments interfering with growth. Pride causes people to be locked in denial and rebellion rather than humbly receiving correction and submitting their lives to God.

Who created Leviathan?

The Bible does not explicitly reference the original creation of demonic spirits like Leviathan. As part of the fallen angel Satan’s kingdom, the Leviathan spirit likely arose in connection with other evil spiritual forces operating in defiance of God’s authority. They aim to rule this world outside of Christ.

What is kundalini spirit?

The kundalini spirit in eastern occult practice is depicted as a snake winding its way up the human body, empowering mystical experiences as it uncoils. Some connect this to Leviathan’s depiction as a writhing sea monster. While not directly biblical, both point to very real demonic spirits bringing spiritual oppression.

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