Leviathan Spirit 5 Ways How to Recognize and Defeat

Perhaps one of the most formidable enemies described in the Bible, the Leviathan spirit exemplifies the cosmic forces of evil seeking to destroy God’s people and thwart His sovereign plans.

As Christians, we must recognize such spiritual enemies cannot be defeated by human strategies alone, but require empowerment from the Holy Spirit, wielding Scripture as our spiritual weaponry, and embracing the supernatural authority Christ gives all believers over such strongholds of darkness. When confronting wicked spiritual rulers like the Leviathan, intercessory prayer proves crucial asking God’s mighty angels to war on believers’ behalf.

By unifying with other Christians in these battles and relying on the power of Christ’s death and resurrection, we can walk in victory and advance God’s Kingdom against even the most powerful evil spirits opposing it. Our spiritual struggles demand we put on God’s full armor, resist the enemy’s lies with truth, take back ground he has gained through sin or access points, and boldly decreeing the supremacy of Christ until every enemy is put under His feet!

Things You Should Know

The Leviathan spirit is referenced several times in the Bible, often portrayed as an evil sea monster or serpent-like creature representative of Satan and the spiritual forces against God’s people. Recognizing characteristics of this destructive spiritual influence is key to overcoming and defeating it through faith in Jesus Christ.

What is the Leviathan spirit?

The Leviathan spirit is an evil principality identified in the Bible that twists truth, destroys relationships and people, and directly opposes God and anything godly. References to a mythical sea creature called the Leviathan describe this powerful demonic influence.

Leviathan Spirit Characteristics

The Leviathan twists the truth

The Leviathan spirit is the king of all children of pride and is known for being conceited, snobbish, and believing its own perception of truth. It distorts truth and deceives people.

It breaks relationships

This spirit sows division among people, turns people against each other, and ruins relationships. It isolates people from loved ones and creates distrust.

It destroys the victim’s relationship with God

The Leviathan drives people away from God by planting seeds of doubt, misrepresenting who God is and what following Him entails. It destroys faith in God.

It causes stubbornness

People influenced by the Leviathan spirit often refuse correction, advice, or guidance from authority figures and become rigid in their perceptions. This manifestation makes it very difficult to help people afflicted with this spirit.

The Leviathan makes you cold-hearted

This spirit numbs people’s ability to feel empathy, compassion, or heart-felt emotion for others. It promotes callousness and even cruelty at times.

The Leviathan is proud and arrogant

Pride is foundational to the Leviathan spirit. People under its influence often see themselves as better than others, above reproach or the need for correction, hyper-critical of perceived faults in others, and often driven by ego.

It destroys leaders

The Leviathan targets people in positions of spiritual authority or influence. By infecting leaders, it can wreak havoc in people’s lives on a broader scale. It loves to attack pastors, ministry leaders, and other spiritual mentors.

It causes depression

By isolating people from loving relationships, attacking faith, and infusing pride and stubbornness, the Leviathan spirit often leads people down a path of depression as its ongoing effects compound. Recognizing this in someone’s life is key.

How to Defeat the Leviathan Spirit

Defeating the Leviathan spirit requires much prayer and fasting while employing the full spiritual armor of God. With faith in Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, Christians can have victory over this evil influence.

What Is a Leviathan Spirit in the Bible?

The Leviathan spirit is referenced in several places in the Bible, often represented as a terrifying sea creature defeated by God to demonstrate His supreme power and lordship over all creation. References include:

  • Book of Job – God points to the Leviathan He created to demonstrate His sovereignty and confront Job’s questioning of God’s power in allowing such evil and suffering in Job’s life (Job 41:1-34).
  • Book of Psalms – David praises God’s mighty power which crushes the heads of the Leviathan (Psalm 74:14).
  • Book of Isaiah – Isaiah prophesies God slaying the Leviathan as part of bringing judgment on the whole earth (Isaiah 27:1).

In essence, the Leviathan epitomizes the cosmic forces of evil at war with God, His faithful followers, and the advancement of His Kingdom. Recognizing this sinister spiritual influence is key.

What Are the Characteristics of a Leviathan Spirit?

As discussed earlier, the Leviathan spirit promotes lies, twists truths into half-truths, isolates people from loving relationships, fosters division, arrogance and pride, depression, and directly seeks to draw people away from God. Learning these characteristics helps detect the presence of such a spirit.

Why Are There Different Types of Evil Spirits?

Scripture points to different categories of demonic spirits including spirits of fear, infirmity, divination and false signs, sexual immorality, and more. Each has defining characteristics and purposes. The Leviathan epitomizes prideful evil that wars directly against the sovereign lordship of God Himself.

How Does a Person Overcome a Leviathan Spirit?

Defeating the Leviathan requires recognizing its presence, putting on the full spiritual armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18), prayer and fasting to build spiritual strength, getting free from any footholds providing the enemy access, and verbally commanding this spirit to leave in the authority of Jesus’ name. Counseling, accountability and drawing close to God are also essential for walking in lasting freedom.

how to defeat leviathan spirit

Defeating the Leviathan spirit requires a multi-pronged approach relying fully on the power of God through Jesus Christ. Key steps include recognizing signs of the Leviathan’s influence, confessing any known sins or footholds empowering it, renouncing lies believed in alignment with this spirit, putting on the full armor of God through Scripture, fasting and building spiritual strength through praise and worship, verbally commanding the spirit to leave in Jesus’ name, being accountable to mature believers, and continually resisting pride or other tactics it may use to regain access.

Asserting Christ’s supreme authority and securing victory may also require the intervention of trained spiritual warriors equipped for this level of spiritual battle. But with God’s power and diligence to eliminate access rights, the Leviathan can be forced to flee and its influences eliminated from a believer’s life.

leviathan spirit symptoms

Those under the influence of a Leviathan spirit may exhibit various symptoms. These include consistently believing lies and false perceptions, being unable to hear or receive correction, exhibiting pride and arrogance, feeling entitled or above others, fostering division in relationships, being cold-hearted or callous toward people and emotions, struggling with recurring bouts of depression, isolating from others, and experiencing destruction in areas of influence, relationships, or spiritual walks. Recognizing these symptoms can help diagnose a Leviathan spirit at work.

leviathan spirit in marriage

A Leviathan spirit empowers the enemy’s attacks on marriages. It promotes lies between spouses, arrogant attitudes, constant disagreement, emotional numbness, and division. It isolates them from godly friends and family and seeks to undermine their faith in Christ. By recognizing this attack, humbly confessing sins, repenting, praying together, and relying on God’s power and protection, couples can defeat the enemy’s plans, restore intimacy emotionally and spiritually, and see their marriage strengthened.

leviathan spirit cindy jacobs

Well-known prophet and minister Cindy Jacobs identifies the Leviathan as one of the stronger spirits requiring deliverance ministers equipped to combat its influence. As a principality ranked spirit seeking to undermine huge spheres of influence, Cindy emphasizes confronting the Leviathan by name and delegating mighty warrior angels to battle on believers’ behalf when casting it out.

leviathan spirit deliverance

Gaining freedom from the Leviathan spirit’s influence requires strong spiritual warfare. Deliverance often involves fasting to build spiritual strength, confessing sins or access points, renouncing associated lies believed, praying with other warriors, verbally commanding it to leave in Jesus’ authority, envisioning Jesus’ power overriding demonic manipulation, claiming Christ’s protection and Lordship until all its oppressive influence departs. Walking in lasting freedom then necessitates closing off access points and continual resistance.

python spirit vs leviathan spirit

Though similarities exist between Leviathan and Python spirits as high ranking territorial spirits, differences include Leviathan operating through water versus Python operating over land. Pride and arrogance characterize Leviathan spirits whereas Pythons empower false prophets and religious deceptions. The Leviathan attacks leaders while Pythons often target entire congregations and church bodies spreading false doctrine. Recognizing unique strongholds and characteristics helps combat each one more effectively.


In summary, the Leviathan spirit represents a very high-ranking principality seeking to promote lies and pride while fostering division, destroying faith in Christ, and opposing anything associated with the one true God. Recognizing this destructive spiritual influence is key to overcoming and defeating it through faith in Jesus Christ. With much prayer and drawing upon God’s power, Christians can have victory and walk in freedom.


What is the meaning of the Leviathan spirit?

The Leviathan spirit represents the manifestation of Satan as the twisted sea serpent defeated by God. It is a high-ranking, evil spiritual ruler that exerts influence through lies, pride, attacking relationships, destroying faith in Christ, and directly opposing anything of God.

What is the personality of the Leviathan?

The Leviathan has a proud, arrogant personality that thinks highly of itself and looks down upon others. It behaves as though it does not need anyone or anything, trusts only in itself, and refuses to be accountable. The Leviathan spirit fosters callous, uncaring attitudes toward other people.

What does God say about Leviathan?

God points to the mythical sea creature Leviathan he created and defeated to demonstrate His supreme power and lordship over all other spiritual forces. Defeating the Leviathan spirit shows God’s absolute dominion even over the cosmic forces of evil seeking to rival Him.

What is the creature of the Leviathan?

The Leviathan creature is portrayed as a fearful, multi-headed sea serpent with rows of sharp teeth and scales so tight no air can penetrate between them. It leaves an illuminating wake in the water, has imposing fierceness, and is unconquerable by man. In essence, it depicts Satan.

What demon is Leviathan?

In demonology, the Leviathan is one name used to identify territorial water spirits. It is a principality-ranked demonic entity, often represented by a multi-headed water serpent referenced metaphorically in the Bible.

Who killed Leviathan?

The Bible depicts God defeating Leviathan to demonstrate His supreme power over all creation. Isaiah 27:1 prophesies God destroying the Leviathan completely as part of His judgment on the earth. Ultimately, Jesus secured victory over Satan and all demonic spiritual forces by his death and resurrection.

Who created Leviathan?

Though depicting a mythical sea monster, the Bible indicates God created the Leviathan (Job 41:15). It represents the manifestation of Satan as the multi-headed sea serpent opposing God’s people and seeking to establish itself as a god rivaling the one true God.

What’s a Leviathan look like?

The Leviathan sea monster is often depicted in ancient literature and art as a multi-headed sea serpent with rows of fierce teeth, tight impenetrable scales, and fiery breath leaving an illuminating wake in the water. It portrays the mythical embodiment of Satan seeking to rival God Himself.

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