how to resurrect a character in sims 4

The Sims 4, a popular life simulation video game, allows players to control virtual characters and shape their lives. However, the virtual world is not immune to mishaps and unexpected events, including the untimely demise of characters. Losing a beloved Sim can be disheartening, but fear not! This guide aims to assist players in resurrecting their characters and bringing them back to life in Sims 4.

Understanding Sim Death

In the Sims 4, Sims can die due to various reasons, such as old age, accidents, hunger, fire, electrocution, drowning, emotions, and even rare incidents like being struck by lightning. Once a Sim dies, it is typically followed by a grave or urn appearing on the lot where they resided.

Options for Resurrecting a Sim

Using Ambrosia to Resurrect a Sim

Ambrosia is a mystical food item that can bring a Sim back to life. To make Ambrosia, the player needs to acquire certain ingredients, such as a Death Flower, a Potion of Youth, and Angelfish. These items can be found or obtained through various means, as described in subsequent sections of this guide.

Bringing Back a Sim via the Death Flower

Death Flowers are rare and powerful blooms that play a significant role in the resurrection of Sims. Acquiring a Death Flower can increase the chances of successfully resurrecting a deceased Sim. These flowers can be obtained by grafting a Pomegranate and a Orchid together or by exploring certain locations in the game.

Making Use of the Book of Life

The Book of Life also possesses the ability to revive a Sim. Creating the Book of Life requires gathering specific elements, such as six angelfish and a level 10 writing skill. The book can be written by a Sim with the knowledge and skills required to perform this mystical task.

Seeking Assistance from the Cow Plant

The Cow Plant may not initially seem helpful in reviving a Sim, but its essence can indeed bring back the deceased. By feeding a Cow Plant a sufficiently unaware or unsuspecting Sim, the plant will proceed to offer a shot at resurrection.

Detailed Steps to Resurrect a Sim

Using Ambrosia

To create Ambrosia, follow these steps:
– Obtain the Ambrosia recipe by reaching level 10 of the cooking skill.
– Find a Death Flower by grafting a Pomegranate and an Orchid together or by exploring certain areas, such as the Forgotten Grotto.
– Catch an Angelfish by fishing in designated locations.
– Combine the Death Flower, a Potion of Youth (purchasable in rewards store), and the Angelfish in a Refrigerator.
– Prepare and cook the Ambrosia dish.
– Promptly serve the Ambrosia to the deceased Sim before it spoils.

(Note: Consuming this delicacy even by a living Sim can lead to extraordinary effects.)

Obtaining the Death Flower

To acquire a Death Flower, try the following methods:
– Graft a Pomegranate and an Orchid together in the gardening skill menu.
– Explore the Forgotten Grotto located in Oasis Springs. The Death Flower is often found there.
– Befriend a Floral Designer Sim and purchase the Death Flower from their inventory.

Creating the Book of Life

To create the Book of Life, undertake the following steps:
– Reach level 10 of the writing skill.
– Write a novel, titled “The Book of Life.”
– Gather six Angelfish by fishing in specific locations.
– Once the book is complete, any Sim can read the Book of Life to restore life to a deceased Sim.

Reviving a Sim with the Cow Plant

To resurrect a Sim using the Cow Plant, adhere to the following instructions:
– Grow a fully matured Cow Plant.
– Ensure the Cow Plant has satisfied its needs.
– Open the plant’s mouth when a Sim approaches and willingly accepts the cake slice despite cautionary warnings.
– The Cow Plant will swallow the Sim, extracting an essence that can be used to resurrect another Sim.

Frequent Misconceptions and Rumors

– Rumor: The LTR Potion can help resurrect Sims.
– Reality: The LTR Potion cannot directly bring back a Sim from death. It can, however, extend a Sim’s lifespan if consumed by a living Sim.

– Rumor: Ghost Sims can be brought back to life by forming a romantic relationship.
Reality: While Ghost Sims can be befriended and even marry other Sims, this interaction alone does not resurrect them.


Resurrecting a character in Sims 4 may seem like a complex task, but with the right tools and knowledge, it can be achieved. Understanding the various methods, such as using Ambrosia, obtaining Death Flowers, creating the Book of Life, or even utilizing the cow plant, offers players the ability to bring their favorite Sims back to life. Whether you opt for mystical recipes, rare flowers, or strange plants, overcoming Sim death is within your grasp!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can I resurrect multiple Sims simultaneously?
A1. Yes, you can resurrect multiple Sims one after another by using the mentioned methods for each individual Sim.

Q2. Does resurrecting a Sim have any side effects?
A2. No, resurrecting a Sim does not have any negative side effects on their character or abilities.

Q3. Are there different Ambrosia recipes?
A3. No, there is only one Ambrosia recipe in Sims 4.

Q4. Can I resurrect a Sim if their remains have disappeared?
A4. No, you need to have the grave or urn of the deceased Sim in order to resurrect them.

Q5. Can I resurrect a Sim without using mods or cheats?
A5. Yes, all the methods mentioned in this guide can be done without the assistance of mods or cheats.

Q6. Can Ambrosia be shared with living Sims?
A6. Yes, but be cautious as consuming Ambrosia without the need for resurrection can lead to powerful effects.

Q7. Can I resurrect a Sim who died of old age?
A7. Yes, all the methods mentioned in this guide can resurrect a Sim regardless of their cause of death.

Q8. Are there any time limitations for resurrecting a Sim?
A8. No, you can resurrect a Sim at any point in the game, even if some time has passed since their death.

Q9. Can I resurrect a Sim if the game is in the Ghostly mood?
A9. Yes, the methods discussed in this guide can resurrect a Sim regardless of the game’s mood.

Q10. Can a Sim die again after being resurrected?
A10. Yes, a resurrected Sim can still die from normal causes or accidents, just like any other Sim.

Q11. Are the methods to resurrect a Sim different in expansion packs?
A11. No, the methods and techniques mentioned in this guide are applicable to the base game as well as various expansion packs.

Q12. Are Death Flowers only found in the Forgotten Grotto?
A12. No, Death Flowers can also be found in other hidden locations or be purchased from Floral Designer Sims.

Q13. Can I use the Death Flower for anything else?
A13. Yes, the Death Flower can be used to protect Sims from the reaper, granting them the second chance to live.

Q14. Can I resurrect a Sim if their grave or urn has been deleted?
A14. Unfortunately, if the grave or urn has been deleted, there is no way to bring back the Sim.

Q15. Can I resurrect a Sim if I don’t have the necessary ingredients?
A15. No, each method of resurrection requires specific ingredients, so having them is essential.

Q16. Do I need a high writing skill to create the Book of Life?
A16. Yes, reaching level 10 in the writing skill is necessary to create the Book of Life.

Q17. Can a Sim who dies from hunger or fire be resurrected?
A17. Yes, Sims who die from hunger, fire, or other causes can be resurrected using the methods described in this guide.

Q18. Will the traits and skills of a resurrected Sim remain the same?
A18. Yes, the traits and skills of a resurrected Sim will remain intact.

Q19. Can I resurrect a Sim in a different household?
A19. Yes, you can resurrect a Sim regardless of the household they were living in.

Q20. Are there any known bugs or glitches related to Sim resurrection?
A20. Occasionally, players may encounter minor bugs or glitches during the resurrection process. It is recommended to keep the game updated and make regular backups to avoid any potential issues.

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